It is even being hailed as an “exit drug”

In 2015, Forbes Magazine declared legal cannabis the fastest growing industry in America. As more states continue to repeal cannabis prohibition the evidence is mounting that cannabis is not only safe, but an effective treatment for many illnesses including cancer, epilepsy and PTSD. It is even being hailed as an “exit drug” helping people kick dangerous habits like smoking, drinking and narcotic abuse.

A whopping 90% of Floridians support legal medical cannabis. More than half of the US has some kind of legal cannabis. The business community is taking notice. Forward thinking business moguls like Tesla/Space X’s Elon Musk and Virgin’s Richard Branson already have skin in the game. The startup community is jumping in full force with a cannabis company taking home the grand prize at San Francisco’s 2015 Tech Crunch pitch event.

This is where Common Bond steps in. CBC is just one part of a bigger ecosystem bringing innovative products to market, primarily focused on the cannabis culture. Our parent company is called Infinite Message. In early 2014 we founded the Florida Cannabis Coalition to help educate, motivate and consult Floridians aspiring to enter the cannabis space. We allied with every cannabis activist group in the state, held a number of large events and became integrated with the large, global cannabis community.

All of the content generated from bringing the top cannabis speakers from across the country to Florida we made available online for FREE.

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The Gluu (or Infinite Distribution) is what makes us unique. It is an enormous distribution platform connecting products with retailers. The Gluu gets products into stores with a national network of everything from dispensaries and smoke shops to holistic shops and health food stores. It’s also a robust B2C marketing platform with everything from loyalty rewards to mobile and SMS campaigns.

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The GLUU is an all-in-one ordering and distribution platform designed specifically for cannabis and wellness culture products and stores.
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